Day 4: Peru

Home to the Amazon river, the fourth largest forest in the world, 37 mountains higher than 3.5 miles, 1,750 species of birds, 13,000 varieties of plants,  84 of the world's 103 ecosystems, and 28 of the 32 climates, diversity is the name of the game in Peru.  Located on the northwest corner of South America, Peru is the midway point on a historic East meets West trade route.  Its food is influenced by global immigrants from China, Japan, Spain, Italy, and Germany as well as indigenous Inca, and the near by Caribbean cultures.  With such diversity of local ingredients and cultural influence from around the world, Peruvian food is a must try if you are lucky enough to have a restaurant locally.  If you are not so fortunate, a pilgrimage is in order.

Ceviche Nativo (Shrimp, Fish, Mango, Avacado)

Ceviche is one of the many national dishes (depending on who you ask, there are as many as 300 national dishes).  It comes from a local Native word meaning fresh fish.  Basic Ceviche is prepared with raw fish, and is cured with citrus juices.  It is usually served with sweet potato, and plantains.  There are many varieties of ceviche which add fruit and other seafood.  La Guitarra Con Sazón, has about half a dozen varieties of the dish.  We recommend trying them all.  Check out some of the other food we tried below (hover your cursor over the pictures to see the names of the dishes).

La Guitarra Con Sazón, a must see on the Houston international food scene.