Day 27: Where the land ends

Chile runs 2,700 miles along the western coast of South America, approximately the distance between New York City and San Francisco.  With the ocean on the western border and the Andes mountains on the east, it is home to more than fifty active volcanoes.  Chile is fifth in the world for wine exports and second for salmon, though their primary export is copper.  With its expansive geography, Chile is home to everything from the driest desert in the world (the Atacama Desert has not received a drop of rain since record keeping began) to the world's southernmost inhabited point outside of Antartica (Puerto Williams).

Salmon Ceviche

Houston's Hub For Regional Andes Range Food

There is only one place in Houston to eat Chilean food and that is Andes Cafe, which features food from the countries in the Andes Mountain range.  The restaurant has a funky South American pop art vibe with delicious, beautifully plated food.

If you have never had ceviche, it is a fish dish that is cured in lime or other citrus juices.  It is served cold as a kind of fish "salsa."  There are several variants throughout South America often incorporating other seafood, mangos, or avocados.  The Chilean ceviche has one surprising addition: salmon.  While this might be surprising at first, as most people from North America think of salmon as an North West Coast delicacy, Chile is the second largest exporter of Salmon in the world.  

Pescado a La Lata (Baked Salmon)

Of similar surprise and delight is the Pescado a La Lata which is a baked salmon with cheese and tomato on top and eggs on the side.  Side note: the ubiquitous use of fried eggs in South American cooking is something we should all get behind.




Huevos Con Tomate

There are not too many ethnic restaurants that offer breakfast foods, but you can find several South American breakfast plates at Andes Cafe.  For a morning dose of Chilean freshness, try the Huevos con Tomate.




Last but certainly not least is the Lomiton.  This pork sandwich was the crowd pleaser of the day.  Its big enough to fill up the largest appetite with thick sliced pork and avocado on their artisian bread.

Lomiton (Pork Sandwich)

So you want to be a food blogger?

Have you ever wondered what it takes to blog about food?  Check out this high speed video of Stephen doing his thing at Andes Cafe.  A creative process is forthcoming, but in the meantime, know that we break a lot of rules with food photography, namely don't go hungry.  Not only do we go to eat, but we go with a group of people to eat....  This means that he has to work and work quickly, modifying light, arranging food, and getting great shots.