Day 32: Ελλάς (Hellas)

The love affair with the Greek world runs deep for many westerners.  Bertrand Russell in his History of Philosophy remarks that people often approach the ancient Greek philosophers, architects, and mathematicians with a kind of reverent mysticism.  This is easy to understand when you realize that the Greek mathematician measured the height of the Great Pyramid at Giza based on his own shadow.  An easy trick to replicate in today's world, but 2500+ years ago is a different subject.  Greek influence remains strong on today's world through language, education, music, art, and food.

The Greeks ruled the seas as this octopus rules your plate.

The Greeks ruled the seas as this octopus rules your plate.

With more than 2,000 Islands, Greece produced some of the earliest successful seafarers.  It was this maritime prowess that enabled the Greeks to conquer the know world at the time.  Not surprising, true Greek food is centered heavily upon seafood.  Helen Greek Food and Wine, offers a number of oceanic delights including this beautiful Octopus.

Helen has a local tavern feel.  With two locations (Heights and Rice Village) and a large selection of wines and unique Greek delicacies, it should be on your list of global foods to try.  Helen offers a number of foods you won't find at other Greek restaurants in Houston.  

For those of you who have stood in a Greek restaurant and not known how to pronounce Gyro, I will leave this right here.