I have always been captivated by travel diaries.  Lewis and Clark charted the Columbia river from St. Lewis to the West coast at a time when little was known about the great beyond.  Mark Twain, left the world a gift of his undoubtedly embellished tellings of traveling the western states and the world.  Marco Polo traveled 15,000 miles across the silk road.  This journey pales in comparison to Ibn' Battuta's 75,000 mile trek through 40 countries.  The world today is a different place than the world these travelers knew.  Globalization has removed the geographical barriers to the world's people, ideas, religions, and cultures.  There are few places in the world where this "flattening" effect is more obvious than in Houston.  Through the course of this website we hope to draw out the full meaning of that statement as we draw you deeper into the world of Houston.  What follows is our travelogue.  If we may adapt the title from the fictional tour that Jules Verne's intrepid Phileaus Fogg made around the world in 80 days, we write about for you now: Around the World in 80 Days in Houston.  

This blog represents a collaboration that has been about two years in the making between Stephen and myself.  If you follow the site (or any of the social media stream) and are into it more for the pictures or more for cultural interest, we ask that you remember our partnership.  For the sake of readability we will often speak in first person, and in certain contexts it will be clear that the statement might apply to only one of us.  Nevertheless, when first person is used, this is to be understood as being spoken from both of us.

In addition, we have collected a small group of fellow city explorers who faithfully foray into Houston's vast international scene with us.  Although they are not writers or photographers on the blog, they are immensely helpful in our creative process.

We hope you will join us on this journey and perhaps we will meet you out in town some time.